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HiroshigeNew Year’s Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Ōji (1857) 

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“When thinking of iconic romance, ask yourself if any imagery (paintings, photographs, film-stills) comes to mind that is not showing heterosexual couples? Probably not,” says photographer Braden Summers of his photo series of everyday gay and lesbian couples from around the globe.


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Maybe people wouldn’t be so annoyed with Milo Manara’s “Spider-Woman” #1 variant cover if every series got overtly sexy variant covers—not just the ones with female leads.

This is a world I want to live in.

hear hear

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Papercut art by ユリ

Permission was granted by the original artist to use these images.

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Ph::Steve Tanchel

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Illustrator Sunday: J.C. Leyendecker (Part Two)

I took your silence as ‘no one would mind’.

Scanned from the Culter & Culter J.C. Leyendecker book.

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Twenty-five years and three days later, reality takes a tip from fiction and charts “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album Mandatory Fun at number one, with over 100,000 sales during it’s first week. In his 31 year long career, with 14 studio albums to his name, this is the first time he’s hit the top- and the first comedy album by ANY artist to hit #1 since 1960! Congratulations, Al! image

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By Masashi Wakui

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sometimes it’s the little victories that get me through the day…


sometimes it’s the little victories that get me through the day…

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I mean, the World Cup was great and all, but the best match in town this weekend has clearly been Paul F. Tompkins’ daylong interaction with a I assume troll, because otherwise UM! guy who is super upset that anyone might question the high art value of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Troll or no, this is glorious.

OH MY GOD this is the GREATEST thing I have ever read.

This is everything.

This is flat fucking amazing.


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